Frequently Asked Questions

    How many licenses do I need?

    liveChord is licensed per computer. The liveChord complete system includes a computer and a license. If you wish to run liveChord on additional computers, for example, personal use at home, you will need to purchase an additional license for that computer. One license is required for each computer running liveChord.

    Which system is right for me?

    This all depends on how many musicians you have and whether or not you have your own computer hardware.

    1) If you already have your own computer hardware, then all you need is the liveChord – Interactive digital chord chart application.

    2) If you do not have your own computer hardware, then you will want to check out the liveChord Complete System.

    3) Next, determine the number of musicians you have and maybe add a couple for future growth and that will determine which complete system is right for you. You can always add additional liveChord Musician Stands at any time.

    What will I get if I purchase a liveChord Complete System?

    The liveChord Complete System includes everything you need to provide interactive digital chord charts to your team. You will receive the liveChord – Interactive digital chord charts application, a Microsoft Windows based PC with wireless keyboard and mouse, a VGA distribution amplifier, VGA cables, and the specified number of liveChord Music Stands. liveChord Music Stand will include a wide-screen LCD monitor, a music stand and a custom liveMount bracket that will make mounting the LCD screen on the music stand a snap.

    Do I have to be connected to the internet?

    No. liveChord is a stand-alone Windows application that does not require an internet connection in order to run. However, liveChord utilizes SMTP when sending agendas. Therefore, you will not be able to send liveChord agendas to your team if you do not have an active internet connection.

    Also, there are many great remote control applications such as DameWare’s Mini Remote Control, CITRIS’s GoToMyPc, or just a windows RDP connection that will allow you to remotely connect to your liveChord pc. This will allow you manage your chord chart database, agendas and even send agendas to your team just as if you were sitting at the pc. When you get to the stage for a recording session, rehearsal or live performance everything is ready to go.

    How long does it take to enter a song?

    If your are entering the chord chart yourself, it all depends on how long and how complicated the song is and whether you already have it in another format. If you have the chord chart in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or some other text format then you can just copy and past the chord chart right into the liveChord chord chart editor. The editor also offers several features to expedite the chord chart entry process. Use the Song Template feature to enter a blank song template if your starting from scratch. The chord chart format feature is great for laying out the chord chart to make it more readable. It adds spaces and indentation to the chord chart.

    If you are starting from scratch, it should take no more the five minutes to enter a complete chord chart and that includes formatting and attaching MP3 tracks.

    Does liveChord come preloaded with chord charts?

    No. For copyright and legal reasons we can not include preloaded chord charts.

    However, you can purchase digital chord charts at the web site. These charts include the necessary license to display them in your liveChord setup. They are downloadable and can be imported by dragging and dropping them right onto liveChord. No need to type or do any formatting. It is all done for you!

    Please insure that you have the necessary rights to use any chord charts when entering them into liveChord. liveChord is not responsible for any misuse on your part. Sharing chord charts or MP3’s that you do not have a license for is illegal.

    CCLI licenses cover the distribution of chord charts as well as self-recorded audio for many worship songs.

    Visit Church Copyright Administration for more information about copyrights.

    Can I use my own computer hardware to run liveChord?

    Yes. liveChord is compatible with any pc running Microsoft Windows XP or later and supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms. It can be run on a single laptop or a desktop connected to multiple monitors. liveChord is designed for wide-screen monitors. Check out liveChord’s <a title=”features and requirements” href=””>features and requirements</a> for more information.

    Does liveChord run on Mac?

    liveChord does not run natively on Mac. However, using Apple’s Boot Camp you can run liveChord on your Mac PC.

    Do you offer installation services?

    Yes. We would be glad to assist you with installation, setup and training. Please contact us to discuss the details on how we may assist you with setting up your liveChord system.

    Can I try it?

    Absolutely! Just download the free fully functional 30 day trial of the liveChord – digital chord chart presentation application.

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