liveChord – Chord Chart Software


Display chord charts on multiple screens using a single pc.

liveChord is a chord chart presentation and management application designed for personal, live and studio use. It provides a user-friendly system for managing the music process from planning to performance.

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liveChord – Transposable chord charts on multiple screens

liveChord is an application designed for use in personal, live and studio settings. It provides a user-friendly system for managing the music process from planning to performance. Quickly and easily added your chord chart to liveChord to create a searchable library of your songs. Your entire repertoire is available to you at the click of a button. Once in liveChord, chord charts can quickly be edited, transposed and added to set lists. liveChord can also store additional information for each chord chart including: tempo, timing, custom search attributes, comments, and attachments such as mp3 tracks. liveChord even includes a media player for playing the attached media files. Once a song has been selected, the tempo indicator begins blinking at the preset tempo, the default attachment is automatically loaded and the system volume is set to the predetermined starting volume for that attachment. A media tracker shows the position of the media and can be dragged to any desired position for quick search.

Multiple Screens

Keep your entire team on the same page by using one of the liveChord complete systems. Using a single computer and multiple LCD screens, each musician will have their chord charts displayed on their own personal digital music stand. Imagine no more paper, no more last minute searching and copying chord charts. Imagine being able to transpose chord charts to any key with the click of your mouse.

Enhanced Search

Add custom attributes to each song for enhanced search functionality. Search your entire song library by title, lyrics or by alphabetical index.

Additional Features

  • Go paperless with interactive digital chord charts
  • Display chord charts on multiple screens with a single computer
  • Use secondary screen to show charts in capoed keys, lyrics only etc.
  • Transpose chord charts “on-the-fly”
  • Song Editor for easily creating and editing chord charts
  • Customize each song by determining key, tempo, timing, genre and more
  • Easily import and export chord charts including: lcc, cho, pdf, rtf, txt, and MS Word Documents
  • Get started quickly with song templates
  • Automatically format song text copied and pasted from other programs
  • Search entire song database by title, lyrics, key, genre, alphabetical index and custom song attributes
  • Easily adjust chord and lyric size for best screen fit
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow nearly hands-free operation during performance
  • Create set lists for studio, rehearsal or live performances
  • Keep all team members on the same page during rehearsal and performance
  • Integrated messaging system for sending instant messages to other screens.
  • Integrated media player for playing loops, support tracks and more
  • One-click fade in and fade out of media tracks
  • Multiple media attachments for each song
  • Automatically load default track and set system volume when a song is activated on a set list
  • Monitor and control play position of track with the media tracker
  • Metronome for displaying tempo for each song
  • Communicate with team members:
  • Maintain contact information for each member
  • Send performance agendas via email
  • Customize your entire liveChord experience with the Options Screen
  • Show chords or Nashville Numbers